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Siri does not recognize.

Reorder on iPad; create doubles of everything that is moved. Siri does not recognize, “create task Super ToDo.” Ask permission to add to Reminders.

Like I️t but automatic date arrangement would make better

I switched from another task app in order to have an intuitive interface with Siri. Unfortunately, by doing so, I was unaware that this app does not arrange tasks by due date. You have to do it manually and it is very tedious. That one change I would make it excellent.

So far so good check it out

So far so good it works real well

This is a wonderful app!

You have really out done yourself! This is a great app and it helps you keep track of your to dos

Good service received from developer

My original review was on the negative side as I had trouble getting Siri to work and couldn't figure out how to contact the developer except by Twitter. He read my review and instantly responded on how to get Siri to recognize his program so I've updated my review. Good customer service goes a long way and is very much appreciated. I took a chance on paying $1.99 for the app (and with apple, refunds are hard to get if you are unhappy with the app/service vs android options) and so far can't figure out how to get Siri to input a ToDo on this app. Developer doesnt have a website that I have found except for Twitter and I don't use Twitter. If the developer reads this it would be nice if we could get a bit more direction on how to get Siri to work on this program. Siri works on the Reminder app - I should have stuck with that.

Super ToDos

This app is perfect for quick reminders of items to be accomplished. Thanks for making getting chores done more easily.

Amazing to do app!

This super to do app is by far the easiest to navigate, no extra unnecessary features and it's easy to read. Runs smoothly, syncs across all of my devices and looks cool on the Apple Watch. Ty!

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